Thursday, January 27, 2005

Green Ribbon campaign

Eating Disorders Awareness Week begins
Green Ribbon campaign declares beauty comes in all colours, shapes and sizes
S T O R Y - By Stacey Bowman, Assistant News Editor

Never mind tipping the scale, some people are taunted about the length of their legs, according to Vivian Lee, ArtSci '06.

Lee decided to showcase her petite frame on posters promoting positive body image as part of the Green Ribbon Campaign, which kicked off on Monday.

"I'm really short and people make fun of that," Lee said. "I feel like everyone always concentrates on people who are overweight, but people get it on the other extreme too,some because they're too skinny or too short.

"It happens to every body type," she said.

The posters are a new addition to the annual campaign. They were born out of a desire to make the message of acceptance and celebration of diverse body shapes and weights more visible and immediate for students.

"We've run our Green Ribbon campaign for a number of years, and last year we thought about how do we make it more personal and visible," said Diane Nolting of health counseling and disability services, which runs their campaign during Eating Disorders Awareness Week, taking place this Monday through Friday.

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