Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Meet the Women of "Big Dance"

Meet the Women of "Big Dance"

February 21, 2005

Are you ready to meet the women of "Big Dance"? Artistic director LYNDA RAINO teaches a modern dance class just for plus-sized people -- and she's revolutionizing the art form of movement in the process! ET has the story.

"The mandate of 'Big Dance' is 'You don't have to have a dancer's body; you only have to have a body that dances and dance with the body you have," Lynda tells ET.

Lynda says she began "Big Dance" in 1993 when a plus-sized woman came to the Victoria, B.C. resident and said she would love to take a dance class but would never, ever, walk into a studio with all those "skinny dancer bodies." Why not start a class for fat women? Lynda said to herself, "Why not?" and confides, "I was naive. I did not know I was going to enter a whirlwind ride of absolute revolution in dance. I thought we were just doing a class for fat women."


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