Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Largesse Affirmations for Size Esteem

Largesse Affirmations for Size Esteem

1. I am a person of size and substance, worthy of self-respect and the respect of others.

2. I am strong, healthy and beautiful just the weigh I am right now.

3. I am capable of earning approval, winning affection and achieving happiness whatever the size or shape of my body at any particular time.

4. I give myself permission to eat normally, and I recognize food obsessions and eating disorders as inevitable consequences of weight-loss dieting.

5. I deserve to be treated with dignity and respect at all times, and always strive to project a positive self-image.

6. I have the right to size-appropriate accommodations wherever I may go.

7. I deny any person, group, or institution permission to discriminate against me or in any way demean me because of my size.

8. I live my life to the fullest and refuse to be victimized by others' prejudices or fears.

9. I am learning to respond effectively to size bigots in ways that educate them and empower me.

10. I join with other people of size, our friends, families, and non-fat allies, as we work together to make the world a friendlier place for people of ALL sizes.

This information is a public service of Largesse, the Network for Size Esteem [http://www.eskimo.com/~largesse/] and may be freely copied and distributed in its entirety for non-commercial use in promoting size diversity empowerment, provided this statement is included.
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