Friday, September 03, 2004

A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan

By Sandy Szwarc
Published 08/08/2003

The goal of this series was to encourage all of us to critically question the vernacular precepts about obesity and (weight loss) dieting....and to reveal the facts we never hear. The current war on obesity has caused more harm than good. The simplistic myths and answers it promotes are not supported by the evidence. Obesity is complex and the result of multiple interrelating factors that scientists may never completely figure out.

Thinness has been a cultural fad, growing increasingly extreme, for more than forty years now. With other fashion trends, such as smoking and tanning, our government and healthcare providers make sure the health dangers are well-known. When it comes to the obsession with thinness, however, its very real dangers are never spoken. There are no splashy headlines: "If your dress size is under four, you have the highest risk of dying young!"

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